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Blue Ash

Blue Ash

2015 will see new developments for 14603, 14609, 14615 & 14621 Blue Ash Drive. Developed by TNRG, this 6.18-acre tract will feature four (4) tilt-wall office/warehouse buildings.

These buildings will be crane-ready, and will showcase a corner entryway. The canopy at the entry is lowered in the tilt panel opening to allow natural light into the entry space. The buildings also have translucent wall panels at warehouse area also to allow for natural lighting.

Building 4 of the project was submitted separately and has been approved with Harris County Fire Code, Civil plans said to be approved and waiting for signatures. Buildings 1-3 are awaiting final approval and signatures from Fire Code at this time. Permits for Building 4 should hopefully be issued soon, and once final approval with Bldgs 1-3, those should be as well.


BlueAsh Site1 2 17 15

Building size:   Bldg 1 – 15,000sf, Bldg 2 – 24,00 sf, Bldg 3 – 15,000sf,

                                    & Bldg 4 – 21,000 sf


Eave height:   28′


Anticipated completion date:   Bldg 4 – 3/2015,

                                                            Bldgs 1-3 – 6/2015